I have an opportunity to take Chelsea, my foster daughter, to a movie premiere.
When I get an opportunity to take one of my foster children somewhere, I do it. I want them to have the same opportunities I give to my son.
Some have never been to a movie or swam in an indoor pool. None of them saw or heard live music until I took them.
Some came to me not knowing where their next meal was coming from. Taking them out to a restaurant, for the first time, was amazing. You forget those experiences until you see it through their eyes. Some didn’t have running water. Some lived in a shelter.
I’ve had acquaintances, even friends, tell me not to spoil them. They say they won’t get those same opportunities when they leave.
And my response…And that is why giving them these experiences, these opportunities, is even more important. I want them to learn…to grow…to experience life to the fullest. And when they go, if they go, they can look back and say I want to do that again. I want that experience. I want that opportunity and they are going to make it happen.

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