What They Come With

My first two foster daughters arrived with only the clothes on their backs. Why? Because their own mother refused to let them bring any belongings.
My third foster daughter came with a garbage bag. A garbage bag full of clothes that didn’t even fit. Her last foster home claimed they couldn’t find any of her belongings. She lived with them for nine months. NINE MONTHS!!! She celebrated her 5th Birthday with them. She celebrated Christmas with them but not one toy came with her.
One foster daughter arrived with a garbage bag full of, well, garbage…
If you have an extra suitcase, duffle bag or even a backpack, please consider donating it to your local foster care agency.
I can’t express to you enough how important it is for these kids to have something…something they can call their own. No child should have to put their belongings in a garbage bag. It makes them feel like the trash these bags carry.


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