To love someone you must accept them and everything about them. Nothing has taught me this more than fostering. Each child that has walked, or been carried, through my door is unique and came from very different walks of life.
I have fostered eight children in the short time I have been fostering and each child brings different challenges. I have accepted those challenges as I would if my own child came with them. They are my children, it may be for a very short time, but they are mine.
I have to accept that they will leave my home. They may go back into the same situation or into a new adoptive home. It’s hard, harder than you can imagine but I do this to help them, to make a difference.
When Baby A left and I was preparing to receive Big J and Baby JJ, a dear friend messaged me and asked if I was ready to take on two more so soon. My response, “Yes, you see Baby A leaving has opened up space in my home so I can help them.”
All young people need the love and unconditional acceptance and no one needs this more than foster children…my foster children.
Bobbie Reynolds


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